Halloween Gifts

If you’re look for unique Halloween treasures, gifts and home decorations you’ve come to the right place. We have lots of happy Halloween gifts for this big October holiday. We have cool Halloween products for kids and adults.

Halloween Cards
Halloween Invitations
Halloween Stamps
Halloween Books
Halloween Clocks
Halloween Mugs
Halloween T-shirts
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Halloween Ties
Halloween Baby Clothes
Candy Corn Gifts
Kids Halloween T-shirts

Halloween Serving Trays

Great for parties, these Halloween trays are decorative and functional.

Halloween Tray

Halloween Tray

Halloween Serving Tray

Halloween Tray

Halloween Tray

Halloween Plates

Put your favorite cheese and crackers on these Halloween plates for Halloween entertaining or use them to serve up a special Halloween dinner.

Halloween Pillows

halloween pillows
Witches Brew Pillows

Halloween Gifts – Jewelry

Cool Halloween necklaces to accessorize any costume or Halloween day outfit.

halloween gifts
Candy Corn Jewelry
Beware Necklace
halloween Necklace
Vampire Necklace

Halloween Gifts – Messenger Bags

Rickshaw Zero Messenger Bags are great Halloween gift ideas you can feel good about because these Halloween bags are handmade with a focus on environmental sustainability, leaving a small ecological footprint.

halloween messenger Bag
Pumpkin Messenger Bag
Halloween Messenger Bags
Halloween Messenger Bags
Halloween Commuter Bag
Halloween Commuter Bag
Halloween Courier Bags
Candy Corn Halloween Courier Bags
halloween rickshaw Bag
Candy Corn Commuter Bag
Halloween messenger Bag
Rickshaw Halloween Messenger Bag

Halloween iPhone Cases

halloween iPhone 5 Covers
Halloween iPhone 5 Covers
halloween iPhone 4 Cases
Halloween iPhone 4 Cases
halloween iPhone 5 Cover
Halloween iPhone 5 Cover

Halloween Belt Buckles

These cool Halloween accessory oval belt buckles are UV Resistant and waterproof.

Halloween Belt Buckle
Halloween Belt Buckle with Candy Corn.
Halloween Belt Buckles
Jack o Lantern Halloween Belt Buckles
Halloween Belt Buckle
Vampire Halloween Belt Buckle

Halloween T-shirts

Halloween Dry Erase Boards

Halloween Dry Erase Board
Halloween Dry Erase Board by halloweentreats
Shop for more Dry Erase Boards online at zazzle.com