DWTS Stocking Stuffers

Is someone on your Christmas list a Dancing with the Stars fan? If so, you’ve arrived in the right place to find unique DWTS stocking stuffers just for them. These Dancing with the Stars products are small enough to fit in their Christmas stocking from Santa Claus with love. Santa likes to tango too, you know!

dwts gifts
DWTS Trinket Box
dwts jewelry
Dancing with The Stars Necklace
Mirror Ball Pendant Necklace necklace
Mirror Ball Necklace

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Holiday Yoga Gifts and Stocking Stuffers

It’s Christmas time, which for yoga lovers mean it’s time to go Om for the Holidays and to wish a merry namaste to friends and family. Shopping for a yoga teacher or yoga student this Christmas? Our meditative, asana yoga art and illustration clothing and accessories make the perfect gift for yogis. From yoga ornaments to yoga jewelry, we have cool yoga gear for all ages.

Yoga Christmas Gifts:


yoga christmas gifts
Yoga Christmas Tea Pot
Namaste Yoga Christmas planetjillgiftbox
Yoga Christmas Jewelry Box
Namaste Cat ornament
Cat Yoga Ornament
yoga christmas gifts
Yoga Christmas Tie
Namaste Christmas necklace
Namaste Christmas Necklace
Tropical Christmas Yoga Gifts hat
Christmas Yoga Hat



Christmas Stamps for Holiday Cards

We may live in a technology age where emails have virtually replaced sending letters and cards through the postal service. But at Christmas time the tradition of mailing holiday cards holds firm and is still going strong.

You can add a very personal touch to your Christmas cards by putting these festive and merry holiday stamps on the envelopes. Deliver your holiday cards with a unique signature stamp and put a smile on their face before they even open the card! Our xmas stamps feature reindeers and snowflakes and snowmen and all the best loves images of the season.

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>holiday stamps
Christmas Yoga Stamps
Reindeer stamps
Reindeer stampsy
christmas stamps
Snowman stamps
christmas stamps
Santa Claus
Christmas Time NYC stamp
NYC Christmas Stamps
>Joyeux Noel Stamps stamp
Joyeux Noel Stamps
>Surfer Christmas Stamps stamp
Surfer Christmas Stamps
Nutcracker Stamps stamp
Nutcracker Stamps
Snowman Stamps stamp
Snowman Stamps


Stocking Stuffers for Pink Ladies

Red and green might be the colors of Christmas, but if you’re holiday shopping for a lady who loves pink then you’ll have to look beyond the Christmas shelves for the perfect gift. If she loves the color pink, then why not fill her Christmas stocking with perfectly pink stocking stuffers. Our pretty pink stocking stuffers are the perfect holiday trinket for women and ladies who love the color pink!

Pink Christmas Gift Ideas

Pink Flower Flip Flops

Pink Monogrammed iPhone 4 Slider Case

Monogram Preppy Necklace

Makeup Girl Mini Speaker
Makeup Girl Doodle Speaker

Pink Toiletry Bag

Bah Baaa Humbug Holiday T-shirts

Bah Humbug says Scrooge, but this sheep says “Baaa Humbug” as he is wrapped in Christmas lights and decorated like a tree for the holidays. You don’t have to hate the holidays to embrace the humor of these cute and funny Christmas shirts, tees and clothing.

Women’s Baa Humbug Shirt

Baa Humbug Toddler Tee Shirt

Men’s Long Sleeve Baa Humbug Shirt

DWTS Vote for Hope Shirts

DWTS Hope T-shirt

DWTS Vote for Hope T-shirt

So last week I was texting back and forth with a friend of mine who is watching Dancing with The Stars for the first time ever. He will not admit this out loud, but I know he is only watching because Hope Solo is one of the contestants.

Hope is dancing with Maksim Chmerkovskiy. Hope’s dancing has not gone exactly smoothly. She has ended up in jeopardy a couple of times. Yet this soccer star manages to stay in the game.

As he pleaded with me and some other friends to vote for her, he said come on, “A vote for Hope is a vote for Hope.” A cheezy phrase, yes. But then again, lust will make you say funny things. He then double dog dared me to make a shirt. And who am I to turn down a shirt-making challenge.

So for anyone else out there who is hopelessly attracted to Hope Solo, here you go – our Dancing with The Stars Hope gear for America’s favorite goalie!

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The Witch Said No, Rhyming Halloween eBook for Kids

halloween ebook for kids

The Witch Said No Because She Had a Smelly Toe, Kindle Book

Last week was the launch of my first Kindle book for kids, The Witch Said No Because She Had a Smelly Toe

Just in time for Halloween, this rhyming Halloween tale about a girl who likes to make people smell her feet arrives just in time for some stinky trick or treat fun.

“There was once a little girl who liked to go out trick-or-treat.

She had a trick for getting candy. She made people smell her feet.

Every Halloween her scheme went off without a hitch.

Until the year her victim was a nasty wicked witch.”

Who doesn’t remember the old Halloween saying, “Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet! Give me something Good to Eat.” And whether you used it yourself to get candy or not, the thought of making somebody smell your feet gave you a chuckle.

The inspiration for this Halloween book came long ago – grade school in fact. Although I don’t remember much, I remember the assignment was to write a story and we were paired with another student to complete it. I couldn’t say what we wrote, who I wrote it with or how the story went, but I have never forgotten laughing ourselves silly when we came up with the title, “The Witch Said No Because She Had a Smelly Toe.”

The phrase,”The Witch Said No Because She Had a Smelly Toe” has been burned in my brain forever since, and was the fuel that fired this new Halloween story for boys and girls.

Halloween T-shirt Costumes

Nothing is easier for a halloween costume than a t-shirt costume. Costume tees don’t require a wig or fancy clothing or uncomfortable shoes or a silly hat or goofy glasses. Unless, of course, you want to add them as an accessory.

Halloween T-shirt Costumes

Costume t-shirts say what you are and therefore, you are what you wear. Another benefit to costume shirts is that you don’t even have to speak when you go out. Since who or what you are is written on your shirt it eliminates idle chit chat. If that’s something you can live without on Halloween.

So try some of our costume tee shirts on for size, like this Pippa’s Bum t-shirt costume
halloween t-shirt costume

or this Hurricane Irene t-shirt costume
halloween t-shirt costume

or this Prisoner of Love t-shirt costume
halloween t-shirt costume

or this flight attendant t-shirt costume – Flight attendants are trendy with the new tv show, Pan Am.
halloween t-shirt costume

Pumpkin Necklaces for Halloween

Pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns are a favorite fall friend. Orange pumpkins in a pumpkin patch and carved autumn pumpkins sitting on the lawn greet everyone all fall long.

If you love pumpkins and want to decorate yourself in pumpkin accessories, our pumpkin necklaces will have you feeling fall-a-rific this season. Whether it’s wearing them for Halloween, giving them as gifts or completing an autumn outfit, our pumpkin jewelry pendants are a fun addition.

Like this sweet pumpkin candy corn necklace –
pumpkin necklace
Pumpkin Candy Necklace – $34.95

or this scary Jack o Lantern pendant –
pumpkin jewelry
Jack o Lantern Necklace – $34.95

or this carved pumpkin pendant with fall leaves –
pumpkin necklace
Halloween Necklace – $34.95

Pumpkin necklace
Pumpkin Patch Necklace – $34.95

or this pumpkin pendant you can personalize by adding a name or other info –
Pumpkin Pendant necklace
Pumpkin Pendant – $34.95

Fall Foliage Giftware and Fall Leaves Home Goods

Fall leaves are falling in autumn air and these home goods capture the leaves of fall. The brisk air of autumn is upon us and as the leaves slowly begin their yearly mosaic of colorful change the excitement of fall fills the air. Orange pumpkins begin to grace the front porch as the crisp and invigorating days of autumn have everyone reaching for a comfy sweater or a sip of apple cider.

Colorful brown, orange and red leaves are a joyful expression of this time of year. If you’re looking to autumn-ize your home or just looking for festive fall gifts these season inspired products offer cool combinations.

Autumn Fall Leaves Decor

Hang our autumn wall clock in your kitchen –
fall leaves decor

or toss our autumn pillow on your favorite reading chair –
fall leaves decor

or give your autumn bridesmaids these fall leaves cosmetic bags

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