Clean Up Your Room Day May 10th

Do you know what today is? Today, May 10th is Clean Up your Room Day. It is the May holiday all neat nicks and mothers of messy kids look forward to all year.

So host a Clean Up Your Room party or day. Gather the kids, the spouse, the family pets or your friends and get organized. Today is a great day to toss out clothes you haven’t worn in a year, finally go through the growing piles of paper on your family room floor, sort through the silverware drawers in your kitchen and tidy up anything that is untidy.

Clean Up Your Room Day Suggested Reading

Being sort of a neat freak myself, one of my favorite books as a kid was a little treasure called The Big Tidy-Up (A Golden Classic) by Norah Smaridge and Les Gray. I loved the illustrations and the story and it made me want to clean my room just like Jennifer did in the book.

Clean Up Your Room Day and The Big Bang Theory

Clean Up Your Room Day ┬áis a fantastic day to make order out of chaos. Or lend a hand to a friend who can never seem to get their place in order. Like the time on The Big Bang Theory when Sheldon Cooper cleans Penny’s apartment while she’s sleeping to introduce a new organizational paradime. Sheldon leaves a suggested organizational schematic for her bedroom closet too.

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